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The responsibilities of the Quality Assurance Unit of the University of Patras (MODIP) are determined according to the provisions of Law No 3374/05 and Law No 4009/11 (article 80, paragraph 12c) of the Greek Government Legislation, with a view to the completion of the quality assurance procedures of the University of Patras.

The Quality Assurance Unit (MODIP):

  1. is responsible for the evaluation of the University of Patras since it functions as the Internal Evaluation Team (OM.E.A.) of the Institution. It prepares and draws up the biennial Internal Report for the Institution's operation which is based on the Annual Internal Reports of the Departments.
  2. is responsible for the composition of the Internal Evaluation Report regarding the Institution's operation which is conducted every four years.
  3. undertakes the coordination, support and implementation of the evaluation procedures for the academic units and the Institution's services taking under consideration the quality of the teaching and research activities, the quality of the curriculum and the quality of all the other services (administrative affairs, student care, infrastructure etc.)
  4. monitors and takes care of the processing and  timely submission of the Institution's Units Annual Internal Reports.
  5. attends to the activation and support of the External Evaluation procedures of the academic units, by forwarding the Internal Evaluation Reports to the Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency (ADIP) and assisting the organisation by every means possible to ensure that the in-situ visit of the external evaluators will be carried out smoothly.
  6. receives the External Evaluation Reports and forwards them to the respective academic units.
  7. takes care of the organization and function of the quality assurance and evaluation processes for the Institution, the academic units and its services, in the framework of ADIP's suggestions

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