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Welcome to the website of the Quality Assurance Unit (MO.DI.P) of the University of Patras.

The monitoring and evaluation of the elements related to education and research, the administration services, the technological support and the international mobility, contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality in education and research, as well as in the projection of the University’s achievements in the society.

The University of Patras has recognised the importance of evaluation and has realised the first External Evaluation, as early as December 1999. Under the current legislative framework, MO.DI.P is the central Unit of the University, which informs and coordinates the procedures of internal and external evaluation of the Academic Departments and of the entire University. MO.DI.P organizes and coordinates the gathering of available resources, which are needed for the development of educational and research work, and proposes ideas and actions which are essential for the quality enhancement of the evaluation processes of the University.

Throughout the University’s Internal and External Evaluation processes of the University, MO.DI.P aims at the substantial functional assessment of the Faculty, but also at the endorsement of anticipated improvements and adjustments, towards the central administration of the University, that will allow MO.DI.P to initiate strategies, which are able to serve the needs of the University’s community and society. Furthermore, MO.DI.P participates in conferences and workshops and promotes proposals towards HQA (A.D.I.P.) and the state, in order to assure the quality and the improvement of the educational procedures.

The objective of this website is the dissemination of any relevant information that concludes to the Quality Assurance of the educational and research activities of the University of Patras. Hence, it contains the Annual Reports of the Academic Departments, the four- year Internal Evaluation Reports, the External Evaluation Reports, together with important information material, as well as the instructions’ manual aimed at the Teams of Internal Evaluations (OM.E.A) of Departments. Also, it promotes the University’s achievements and thus it enhances its extroversion and its connection to society and the international environment.


The president of MO.DI.P


Professor Nikos Karamanos

Vice Rector of Academic & International Affairs


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