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Quality Assurance Unit (MO.DI.P.)

The Quality Assurance Unit of the University of Patras (MODIP) has been set up according to the provisions of  Articles 14 and 80 of Law 4009/11 (195'A), in order to support and coordinate the quality assurance procedures of the University of Patras.

MODIP is headed by the Vice-Rector of Academic and International Affairs, professor Nikolaos Karamanos, and is composed of five Faculty members, one representative of the undergraduate students and one representative of the postgraduate and PhD students who are appointed according to the provisions of Article 49, (2)(b), of Law 4009/2011. In addition, according to the above provisions, the following categories of personnel can be represented when issues concerning them are discussed:

- a representative of the administrative personnel

- a representative of the Special Scientific Personnel

- a representative of the Laboratory Teaching Personnel

- a representative of the Special Technical and Laboratory Personnel

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